Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

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well, i have accumulated a heap of sachs parts. there are a few things that threw me and i was wondering about info concerning the square bing carbs. all of the carbs i got are 101, and 104 some have an "a" others none.

i have one that has no needle, no removable atomoizer w/ a stock 58 jet

i figure this is for a d jug model. now, this is what is vexing me. i have a float that idk where i got it, it has no v shape cutout for the floatpin it looks like it rested right on the float's brass plate. where do i get the floatpin for it?

Re: Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

post a pix, maybe i can match it up to one of mine? (dialup or not)


square bing.JPG

Re: Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

oof. always best option is whenever possible to just distance youself from those carbs, the weird off parts and nearly no availability of parts, and the incessant leakage without a perfect floatbowl seal (also unobtainable and a super chore to cut correctly)

i'd just run for any other carb.

yes the one with no needs (104A I think) is the "D" version.

Re: Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

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wow, glenn

i see you are still workin on the ped that runs on quick crete.

i need some time to charge the camera and arrange an exhibition.

i like the torture, i think just like the pain lets you know you are alive, operating a sachs successfully with the orig square bing working propperly just seems just a litte nicer without the shame of a swap out. it is like, yeah

i gave up.

Re: Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

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well here is the skinny, the carbs marked "a" came with a steel float needle and the float had no slit. if you have one, start looking for a slotted float and new rubber tipped float needle, those "a" carbs had a viton tipped steel one, viton lasts about an hour in an ethanol enviroment.

if you ever try to service a motobecane you know all about the viton.


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i thought it'd be fun to give the old squarebing another go. 2/2 leak profusely and unable to set the float height, and there are no jets


Re: Sachs sufferers, square bing ?'s

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if it is marked "a". it will leak even with a rubber tipped needle, the fuel inlet dia./neeedle seat is huge in comparision with a non "a"'s.

treats have the jets now, i thought the float high was set by bending the brass on the float.

sachs are weird back scavenging neanderthals and need that little bit of restriction in addition to a shaped airbox that induces a backwave at WOT, just to break the 30 mph on an A jug,

the d crank on an A is somewhat problematic setting the timing and clutch to work right after modding the intake side of the piston skirt to accept the new crank. i know it works. it was like that when i got her 4 years ago and she would top out at 38 mph. that was with questionable rings, when the three gang clutch went (broken pad) she never ran right.

i have it all together, even have a new stator/flywheel/pointset on there now it is this carb, i hate the angled intake crap too. maybe April is runtime.

all them batavus reeds WillD were crap, i am trying to outsource them but no paypal no tikkee, it say $12 add $16 shipping and the $12 outside bank transaction fee then paypals cut,

it would be cheaper than buying ten of them, to ship myself in a container to china and buy them, but gettin shipped out of china is costly. port of LA to China is only $300 for a 52' container, i think its $900 - $1200 return.

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