Moped Dies when riding

I have a 49cc Renegade that I just bought used a couple weeks ago. It ran perfectly fine for a couple weeks but the last few days it would want to die if I didn't open the throttle. I figured it was an idle problem so I turned the idle up. I don't know if that helped because it still wants to die every once in a while without throttle. It died on me today while I was going about 30-35mph. It died like I killed the switch. It would start up right away, so I let it sit for a couple minutes then it started up. Anyone know the problem? I'm going to go give it an oil change now and see if that makes any difference. Any help wold greatly be appreciated.

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Re: Moped Dies when riding

I'd say its likely a fuel related issue like a dirty carburetor. Although its a 4 cycle Chinese scooter this should really be in the repair forum, or Off topic, not sure which.

Re: Moped Dies when riding

Brent Bublitz /

Well, you got a couple of weeks out of it. Sounds like you did pretty well.

Re: Moped Dies when riding

Overpriced Parts /

You got a junk china scooter not a cool vintage moped.

Sell your bike for parts and get a real pedal moped your will be money a head.

Re: Moped Dies when riding

When something dies,get rid of it.

Re: Moped Dies when riding

kim jensen /

Check gas tank cap vent, then get a real moped.

Re: Moped Dies when riding

First check the fuel system

Second clean carb

Third remove any shit from fuel system

Fourth get it running

Fifth sell it and buy something not chinese (thats also a moped)

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