A35 Smoking video

Shot a video of my bike smoking idling. I'll have to get my wife to shoot a video of me riding the bike.

I'm beginning to think it's the crankshaft seal as everybody says.


I cleaned the exhaust port, soaked the muffler in Drano overnight (this seemed to really work), tried running Opti-2 100:1 mix and Seafoam fuel treatment.

All seemed to have helped and despite the smoking the bike runs great at first but after about 20 minutes, it seems to start four stroking. Like it's loading up with fuel and bogging down and then the power drops.

Question is, I've looked at the breakdown in the shop manual but can't really see what all is involved in changing the seal. I know you remove the kick starter, cover then pull the gear off the crankshaft and then press a new one in? Is that it?

Re: A35 Smoking video

Sal RVA mopeds LLC /

Pull the plug, put in piston stop. Take trans case off, use 17mm socket loosen clutch nut. Pull whole clutch off bell and all. Be careful there's a shim behind it you don't wanna loose. Remove that. Take a hooked pic and pull the seal out. Wipe everything down good free of oil. Put a lil grease on the inner rim of new seal. Easily/carefully press it in making sure the inner lip of the seal is pushed out to you evenly around the crankshaft. Carefully use a seat post around the crankshaft on the seal and tap it in until flush with case. Reassemble.

Re: A35 Smoking video

Then do the magneto side the same way. Once you've got the seals changed turn your idle screw out until it idles normally.

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