Float valve won't seat

n00b to vintage mopeds but have deep experience with vintage VW's.

Background: Picked up a 1986 Eagle1 (Sachs) motor is a 505 C or D, I assume it is a C definitely not an A or B.

Anyway I cleaned the heck out of the carb (bing) problem is that the float valve won't seat and when I turn on the petcock, the bowl fills and gas starts leaking out of the weep holes. I think I got all the sediment out of the intake/float assembly but it still won't close, is there a way to remove this part and give it a good scrubbing?

Yes, I tried to search and checked out the videos on wiki, but they all linked to some sort of thigh workout.



Re: Float valve won't seat

Tap/push the pin out of the float. Polish the needle seat with a qtip dipped in toothpaste. Reassemble and then get the sad because it'll keep leaking. forever and ever, always. Square Bings are like that and once they start that flooding crap you will never make it stop for long. I recommend getting a new carb and save yourself alot of frustration. Search for the old posts here and you'll see it mentioned time and again.

Re: Float valve won't seat

Buy any Mikuni and an intake

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