Some E50 questions

Hi guys, just a couple questions while i'm trying futilely to get my maxi running again.

First off, i changed the trans fluid. Put in type F like your supposed to. Now the back wheel doesnt spin freely and pedaling seems to take more effort? What the hell did I do?

next up, pressure. When i put my cylinder pressure gauge on it wont hold. Pressure peaks and then slowly drops, not like when i had a head gasket leak previously and it would just make shit pressure. Wondering if maybe its my pressure gauge (i think its that)

Lastly what are some odd reasons she wouldnt start? I did some work, put her back together, fired her up and checked for air leaks with starter fluid. Found one downstream of the bing and tightened the connection. Now i might as well be running it on water it wont start.

Spark plug is fine, i put a new one in. Gap at about .020 which is what I was running before. Points are as they were before, as far as I can manage without dremel, and gap at about 16 thousandths.

Air intake didnt change, jetting didnt change, seems to be getting gas just fine. getting a solid spark. i have no idea what the fuck is going on.

One thing i've been worried about is the back gasket is way thinner than what was on before. It was some kinda rubber or something, now its paper, gave me maybe 2mm less cylinder clearance, so slightly higher compression. Maybe I should put the old rubber one back on?

TL;DR wheel doesnt spin freely, lots of resistance from the trans after putting type F in. Bike wont start despite compression, spark, fuel, and what seems to be fine timing.

god i f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶a̶t̶e̶ love this thing

More questions: any ideas what I should be jetting with a sidebleed? More back pressure i assume changes things pretty significantly (edited)

Re: Some E50 questions

Oh yeah,

70cc, high comp head w/ stubby plugs, sidebleed exhaust, stock clutch w/ stiffer springs

yes i've consulted freds guide

The magneto flywheel is rubbing pretty good on the stator but its been doing that for months and running fine, i'll get a new stator eventually (anyone got one to sell?)

Re: Some E50 questions

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the stator rub is f'n it, wonder it ever ran,

the cyl base gasket was thick for a good reason if it did run the piston will hit the plug and ruin whatever gap you gapped it at.

did you upgrade the intake/carb?

do it.

when you kit a bike, the stock motor should've been rebuilt with new bearings/seals or at the very least been running strong w/o any issues.

any small issues blossom into epic episodes of things exploding and carnage.

Re: Some E50 questions

The piston isnt crashing the plug, I have made sure of that

The kit was running strongish until the stator melted,

Thanks for all the advice. I guess i'll replace the stator and go from there

Re: Some E50 questions

Get the Treats CDI pack version 2, $128

Re: Some E50 questions

I was considering it but oh man $128...

Thats beer munny meng

Also, i'm a sucker for archaic electronics

Re: Some E50 questions

Dude you won't regret that Treat CDI if you install it right. Auto advance & retard yumminessss

Re: Some E50 questions

^uhhh.... sortof?

I've had nothing but trouble with those stators, but the box in the v2 pack is sweet, and regulator seems decent.

Re: Some E50 questions

Did you take the clutch cover off when you changed the fluid? maybe the starter clutch is dragging?

What you're seeing in the compression test is typical, cheap gauges leak a little, watch for where it peaks after a few seconds of pedaling.

Loosen the coils on the stator and hold them towards the center as you tighten, that should give the flywheel the little bit of clearance it needs.


~M (edited)

Re: Some E50 questions

The ignition coil is pretty melted and wont move in, so i'm gonna replace that and that should fix it.

No I didnt take anything off when i swaooed the fluid, just the filler screw and drain bolt.

Honestly i'll deal with the tranny once the stator nonsense is fixed. Priorities and stuff right?

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