moby clutch side play

i took apart my motobecane clutch as the clutch arms were frozen up and were engaging and disengaging improperly. Upon resemebly i realized the clutch bell was moving to and fro on the axil creating awful grinding noise. i had put all the circlips and spacing washers back properly yet there remained side play. I looked in the manual and it said to use shims of less than 1 mm to space the bell as to make there be .1 mm of side play or less. Where in gods name do i find these terrible suckers!!! i ve bought the wrong shims twice already and am convinced such shims are impossible to find!!! there not on trestland and not on there junk yard and i cant seem to find them on ebay either. if any one can help me i would be more than grateful it is the middle of sept. and i cannot ride at all and it fucking blows!

Re: moby clutch side play

scott middleton /

something I copy/pasted about shims. probably from Rebel Moby.

Stock shims for the variator or clutch are 0,5mm - optional sizes offered were 0,1mm 0,4mm and 0,45mm. Anyone who is slapping a lot of Mobys together might want to get a bunch of the 16mm ID spring steel ones from McMaster Carr -

McMaster lists metric clips. You will want to get 15mm exterier truarc (98541A410) and 22mm interier truarc (98455A122)

Re: moby clutch side play

thanks a bunch man those are def wat i need may not be cheep but i should be ridin again soon.

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