SI handlebar/front fork removal

Christian Bordelon /

Hey everyone, I am tearing down my SI to media blast and paint the fenders/frame and my last bit I need to take apart is the front forks, handle bars and grips. Cant seem to get any of them off. If anyone has advice please help. Thanks

Re: SI handlebar/front fork removal

Grips - slide the nozzle of an air compressor gun in the inside and blow them pups off. Easy way though is just cut them! New ones are worth the buy anyway if you're repainting.

Bars - I tried doing a search for you but couldn't really find anything. Everyone is asleep now... I should be too but whatever... so you may not get any more helpful replies til tomorrow. As far as I can help here, I'd say take a look up under your steering/headset tube for a large nut. Don't quote me on that but with the SI having the quill style handle bar mount I am fairly certain it's just one giant bolt going down through the tube with a nut on the bottom. But again... do not quote me on that!!! But it's worth a look.

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