spark plug question NU50 urban express

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If I'm reading spark plug info right, to dissipate heat faster, use a "cold" plug which goes higher up the NGK scale.

Question: I have my Honda kitted to 70 cc with a 92 jet. The standard plug is a BPR5HS. I've been running it on a BPR6HS because of the kit, but want to know if I should go up to a 7 now that the bigger jet's in.

It currently has on a stock air filter which does seem to restrict airflow, so I was thinking of putting on another.

between putting in the bigger jet, and possibly changing out the filter, I don't want to let it seize, so is using a different plug going to help?

The bike's running really well after a bunch of you helped with questions, so I don't want to ruin it by something as simple as a plug. It's bottoming out the speedometer without four-stroking.

I'm still trying to find a place to do a decent plug chop so I can run it WOT for some distance without hitting a stoplight.

Re: spark plug question NU50 urban express

Plug temp has very little to nothing to do with engine/cylinder temp.

The plug temp can help with high compression blowing the spark out or a plug that is too hot causing pre ignition.

Re: spark plug question NU50 urban express

Captain Janeway /

Thanks. I guess I wasn't reading the spark plug thread just right.

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