Wheel remounting problems

I took the wheels off of a Tomos Sprint TT in order to change the tires and found a few problems.

1) I'm having difficulty setting up the brakes. I installed a new throttle and have ran the cable through that successfully. I'm not sure how to run the cable along the frame. Any tension I can get from pulling the handle is very weak. I'm also not sure that the brake was properly fitted, I pretty much just lined it up and put it back on with the wheel.

2) One of the bolts holding the engine to the frame that can be removed to swing the engine down and access the carb etc is touching/rubbing on the chain. Is this a big deal? Should I switch it out for a smaller bolt?

3)My brake light is always on, not just the running light. I haven't begun to address wiring/lighting outside of installing a new OEM brake light.

Re: Wheel remounting problems

On most frames there's a couple of loops and stops for the cable housing to pass through. If the cable housing isn't the right length, or there's friction in the housing/cable, or the housing isn't seated in the stops, you won't get much braking at all. Check those things first. Cables should be smooth with no kinks or bends and move freely in the housing. Housing ends shouldn't move in the cable stops.

Re: Wheel remounting problems

Thank you for the help. There are some bends and frays in the cable , I'm ordering new ones. Cheers!

Re: Wheel remounting problems

When you took the wheels off, did you blindly rip it apart ? ? Haste makes waste...Now you have to copy off of another bike...

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