Need help replacing forks on a Tomos Targa LX

I'm replacing the front forks on my moped, because the existing ones were bent. Each fork is comprised of a solid metal rod with a spring on the end. When I removed the old forks, the springs did not remain connected to the metal rod, but instead remained within the lower assembly where the wheel is bolted on. The Tomos manual I have says that when this is the case, the spring retainer at the bottom of this part can be removed with a long 9mm hex/allen wrench.

However, when I finally obtained such an unusual tool, it didn't seem to work at releasing the spring; the female hex receptacle in there seems like it's actually welded in place and not a moving part. I could continue trying to get that out, but I feel like something is very wrong with my whole approach here. I really don't understand how the spring connects to each part and how I'm supposed to proceed with replacing the fork. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Here are a few images to help clarify:,vAJQLEF,GEyQeNW#0

The first shows one of the new forks, with spring attached, next to one of the the old bent forks without its spring. The second image is the spring that remained in the lower assembly, and the third is the whole lower assembly.

Re: Need help replacing forks on a Tomos Targa LX

I'm just updating this in case anyone else has this problem in the future.

First, the allen/hex receptacle on the spring retainer clips are 8mm, not 9mm as the Tomos manual I have indicates. It may be that it's different on my particular model, a '93 TTLX.

To make a tool to remove the spring retainer clips, you can use a dremel tool to cut the "L" end off of an allen wrench (so it's just a straight bar) and then use just a regular socket wrench / ratchet to extend it down into the lower fork assembly (or the fork, if you're removing the spring from that). It's likely that you'll need to use a 1/2"-drive extension to get down in there; Most regular 3/4"-drive extensions will be too wide to put through the center of the spring.

If it's really tough to turn, you can spray a bunch of PB Blaster or other solvent down there to loosen it up.

If you need to remove the springs from the retainer clips, you may notice that they're really stuck on there. The best way to remove them is to put the clip into a vice (the sides are flat), then rotate the spring off with a set of channel-lock pliers. (edited)

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