Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

HELP! I cant figure out this hobbit. . . and it was going to be Edward's loaner!

So it will idle with the choke and you can ride it with the choke. . . but without the choke it dies on idle! its acting like its not getting gas. if you give it WOT before the rpms drop with the choke is off you can keep it running.

any ideas? i cleaned the carb, checked the reeds, checked for air leaks.

Maybe i missed a little passsage in the carb?

Re: Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

IT IS, IT'S THE LITTLE PASSAGE IN THE CARB. SOMETIMES YOU CAN FORCE IT CLEAN THOUGH JSUT oops caps - just removing and blowing cleaner in the little screw on the side that's not the idle or airmix adjuster. also airmix adjustments might help.

Re: Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

Get a wire brush, pull one wire out and bend the end 90 deg, then put it in a little pliers and poke these holes open.

Re: Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

mark Wooltorton /

mine has same problem , will idle with choke on but wont idle when choke is off but runs fine apart from it wont idle ? i have cleaned carb about 10 times all with the same results wont idle when choke is off, the reason i had to clean carb the first time was it broke down and i found bits of dirt in carb, the only part of the carb i have not touched is the welsh plug because i cannot find a new plug any where. honda camino pa 2

Re: Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

I think WillD nailed it. That was the passage that gimped my bike. I cleaned it multiple times with carb cleaner and air, but the passage leading down alongside the emulsion tube at a sharp angle had crud in it. I bored it out with the E string from a guitar (it is miniscule) and it was suddenly like new. Sometimes mechanical means are necessary.

Re: Honda hobbit wont idle without choke

If all fails your going to have to bite the bullet and pull the welch plug.

Like Graham pointed out you may blow it clean going back and forth on those passages with compressed air.

Here is the plug.. Drill a tiny hole in the plug and carefully lift out the cover.

You will want to try to reuse the cover later by reinstalling it and covering it with JP weld.

Here is a carb with the welch plug removed.

Better yet look here you lazy cheese sniffer:

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