Minarelli wiring trouble

Hey I've been rebuilding my Motron Medalist, finishing up the building of the minarelli V1. Got some wiring issues, during the rebuild the wiring harness was thrown away so I'm starting from scratch and just rewired it following the Minarelli diagram but it still isn't getting any spark. I noticed all 3 wires coming off the engine are all grounded to the engine, is this right? It seems this would keep the ignition coil from building any energy. Any tips on what to try would be awesome! Gotta have this done for the rally in Richmond

Re: Minarelli wiring trouble

This is my AMF V1 ,I don't know if its the same but it is a Mineralli.


Re: Minarelli wiring trouble

Brent Bublitz /

I routinely strip the wiring and redo it on most new bikes. Simple is better.

Unplug whatever you have now. The red wire should go directly to the coil, not be grounded to the motor. Keep the rest of the wires coming from the motor grounded to the motor, and check for spark.

If you want more insurance, run a wire between the coil mounting bolts and the engine (intake bolt? take your pick) to assure you are getting a good ground connection there.

If this does not get you spark, you may have an ignition problem.

Once you have spark, you can run an additional wire from the red to a kill switch. When the switch is flipped, it will ground the ignition wire, killing the spark. After that, you can start working on the rest of the wiring.

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