Laura m56 some issues and questions

Hallo everybody

Now it's a creat footstep for me, after ten long years i have parts, Piston and Cylinder have arrived me. But the parts doesn't fit.

My engine is not compatible with the new Cylinder. The old one is labeld with CM-48, the new with CH-30.

On foot the cylinder CM-48 is 2 mm wider then CH-30, let me explain with the first picture on the attachment

Picture 2 and 3 describes the piston seizure who killed killed the clutch ten years ago. I can't understand why the piston goes seizured..

Have anybody a solution for me, it's time to finished the project.

Thanks for attention.

Hopefully regrads

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Re: Laura m56 some issues and questions

by the looks of the piston it had

a four corner seize.

low oil ratio

overheating engine

if rings are ok just clean piston

up with emery paper and run again

use HCL acid to clean aluminum off

of cylinder wall

wish i spoke German

Re: Laura m56 some issues and questions

Now i have some newer pictures

Picture one

Here the two ones, with the numbers CH-30, CM-48

Picture two

Cylinder with number CM-48 is 43 mm wide

Picture three

Cylinder with number CM-30 is 45 mm wide

Piston fit for both typs, without any problems. But the CM-30 will not fit for my engine :(

So i need a Cylinder with the number CM-48, new piston do i have :)


Re: Laura m56 some issues and questions

This says case needs to be bored out 1mm to fit. I don't know . Your piston didn't look that bad.

Re: Laura m56 some issues and questions

I have order some parts here.

This cylinderhead, no comments about this.. :(

and the cylinder bore is 40 mm in both of them.

The same typ with 48ccm...


Re: Laura m56 some issues and questions

Patrick Keaton /

Use the piston that had seized,after you sand/file ruff spots to get it smooth.

If the piston rings are seized to the piston,soak in PBBlaster penetraiting lubricant in a jar for 3 weeks,then try to remove the piston rings.

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