need garelli advise..

i picked up a 77 gransport about a month ago, wasnt running at the time.


1977 (gransport 25mph version)

NOI single speed engine

14.12(original was 14.9) with curved intake

not sure what cylinder, crowned piston head


so far it has had new plug/boot/wire, replaced 14.9 with 14.12, cleaned points, clutch bushings put in (if thats what you call the little rubbers that go on the 6 nips), filled with the 13.5oz nondetergent 30wt., fresh gas, new petcock and fuel line, and cleaned out the exhaust. also did some cosmetic stuff like new pedal crank and a lot of scrubbing to remove surface rust.


where i am at now the bike will start around the 3rd kick, however it doesnt want to idle (though i can make it idle with way too much tension in the throttle cable). also it has remarkably low power at all revs. i can sit with my feet on the ground and go full throttle and it doesnt fight me much. wont really go up hills either. dont know how fast its going since speedo drive is broken (let me know if you want to sell me one) but it will slowly reach moderate speed on flats but nothing near the 25 its rated for.

Also the lights will flicker when its running. maybe need stator replaced?


the one thing that the bike is missing mechanically is a head gasket. this is causing a massive air leak such that when i spray with carb cleaner it dies instantly. obviously this is bad but would that cause such poor performance? is it low compression? (and how do i test compression?) would new piston rings also help? (didnt check ring gap) i know sometimes bikes run better w/o the head gasket but this is my first garelli.

My second suspision is the clutch. i took it apart and it seems perfectly fine. the rubber is firm and black like it should be, not swolen as far as i can tell. when i got it the little rubber bushings were completely gone (yet no debris from them falling apart was present) so i made some out of clear fuel line following the dimensions on the wiki page. is the clutch slipping? (im not good with clutches) and if so will sanding the rubber puck help?

Please let me know what you think and any suggestions from the garelli gurus would be lovely! Thanks!

Re: need garelli advise..

I think the missing head gasket is contributing to a lot of your issues. you can pick up a cheap compression tester from the parts store to verify. an air leak will cause idle issues.

Re: need garelli advise..

***Kim Jong illest*** /

hey man, an airleak of any kind is going to ruin everything. if it dies instantly from spray around the head, you need to get that taken care of. he entire motor will change drastically and you probably should upjet anyway from the slight increase in carb size.

flickering lights means bad connections too. this could mean ignition as well. seems to me that you have several things to keep you busy for a while. check all those connections, and make sure you have no airleaks before diagnosing a new problem

Re: need garelli advise..

yeah i plan on getting that head gasket asap i just wasnt sure if that would cause such poor performance. and i did upjet with the new carb.

looks like ill have to redo the wiring on it which i planned on but figured both issues may be present due to a poorly performing stator.

Thanks for the replies! any other tips/suggestions are welcome too

Re: need garelli advise..

Brent Bublitz /

A thousand times yes. The smallest of leaks can cause massive trouble. Get a compression tester. If you can get the compression over 100psi with no leaks, you are in good shape.

Re: need garelli advise..

the head gasket will help. You may need to lap the mating surface on the cylinder. The air leak is definitely your problem along with probably jetting and timing.

set your point gap, time it, try a few jets in the mid 50's range and fix that fucking air leak.

Re: need garelli advise..

new clutch nipples are available from India on Ebay. Garrelli clones are made there, and many new parts are to be had.

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