A35 seal diagnosis

I used the recommended method of adding transmission fluid to my TX-50. I just drained out about 8 ounces of fluid. If the crankshaft seal was bad wouldn't the level be lower than that?

If I crank this thing up, the smoke is blue. i tried using Opti-2 100:1 mix and it smokes just has bad. But there is no black smoke.

Just wondering what is the best way to diagnose a bad seal before I tear it apart and find out that's not the problem.

If the main jet as fallen out, would that cause this problem?

95 lbs of compression shouldn't cause the engine to smoke that much?

Re: A35 seal diagnosis

♣Slew Foot♣ /

you answered your own question.

pull the piston and inspect for blowby, bad rings would smoke and not have anything to do with seals. but bad seals would give you low compression rate too. you are aiming at 120+ psi for a goodly running ped.

if there is no blowby, it is the seals.

Re: A35 seal diagnosis

that's fairly low compression BUT most compression testers dont work that great with little motors, especially considering the motor displacement is about as much volume as the excess air in the tester...

smoke comes from a few distinct things. Worn rings isn't usually one, it'll make a 4 stroke smoke because you've got oil under the piston and so the rings allow oil past. that's not really a thing with 2 strokes.

Also bad seals won't affect the compression measured by a tester. youre measuring the cylinder compression above the piston, which isnt affected by the seals which only affect crankcase compression

Reason 1 - too much oil in the gas. if you're got the oil injector still on your motor, this is distinctly possible. they tend to go bad, but fortunately it usually ends with just excess oil dumping in. that'd give a heavy dark smoke. Also premixing with too much oil or combining premix and an injector will smoke.

Reason 2 - Wet gas. common enough, especially in rainy or humid summers or with old gas. Water in your gas makes steam in your exhaust and a heavy whitish smoke.

and reason 3 - as you've guessed, leaky transmission seals. smells like nasty trans fluid. usually really white smoke

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