Honda Express Rims.

I have a 1980 Honda express Na50. All 3 of my rear rims have taken a dump on me. The 34 year old spokes keep breaking and this last rim is super wobbly. Very sketchy too ride. I use it as daily transportation and was wondering if anyone knows what spoke set to buy or should I bring it to a local wheel shop? They pretty much just work on bikes but would they be of any help? Thanks!

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Are you truing these wheels or just letting them get loose until the spokes break, which they will? I bought my bike with 2 broken spokes and within a week 2 more broke. The wheel needs to be trued, and taught or the spokes WILL break.

If you are inclined you can do the measuring and have spokes made, they aren't too expensive and then if you wanted you could have someone lace the rim (if it isnt badly warped now). I would do it yourself but that may not be an option.

Re: Honda Express Rims.

actually getting spokes made is not practical in price. i just had this problem on an 81 na50. the back wheels are expensive and the spokes are expensive and everything is expensive.

in the end, i rebuilt the wheel. you're gonna have to learn how to work on wheels. there's plenty of help on youtube in bicycle section. all the same. ALthough it's not as complex as some make it seem and it's not that important ot get a perfect true/straight tire. Mine wobbles a little now but at least people don't pull me over because they are concerned my wheel is going to come off.

So you have extra tires? great! you have spokes. you can use front wheel spokes. they are a little larger...actually they might not be...depends on year of bike. but if any stick through then just file them down a little. you can buy an entire front wheel for very cheap.

okay...let me back up. before you go and do a complete rebuild you gotta see if you can fix what you have already. some spokes can be replaced. some cant because of the lacing pattern. check that first. you may be able to just slip some new ones in and screw them into the old thread thing...nipple?

then you'll want to true the tire so they don't go breaking anymore. if you have to re do the whole thing check on youtube. there is a guy who has a video about it..but not as much info on understanding the spoke system.

good luck!

Re: Honda Express Rims.

Re: Honda Express Rims.

i'll also add that your spokes didn't bust because they are rusted. all expressi have this problem. they are very small wheels and when they hit something they take a bigger impact than larger wheels. after one goes, the rest come easier too.

no matter where you get your spokes from, if you're have to re lace the wheel then you'll need more than you think. some of the old ones won't come off and they'll have to be clipped. Find an extra front wheel. cheapest solution. don't be scared to lace them. it's not that bad, take pictures. ask me when you need help.

Re: Honda Express Rims.

All ill need is a spoke wrench right? I feel like I could do this on my own. My only worry was not having the same tension on each spoke.

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