Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

I have a 1978 Motobecane "7". The condenser is shot. I have been messing with the external condenser hack but it doesn't seem to be working.

Q: Is the basic idea to disconnect the coil from the wire that goes to the stator and connect it to the external condenser?

I have heard some say you make a "T" by splitting the wire off the coil to go to the external condenser AND the stator and I have also had people tell me to leave the wire from off the stator disconnected and only connect the external condenser to the coil. Which one is correct?

Also, if anyone has done this successfully on a "7" with an AV7 motor (not the 50v with the AV10) I would really appreciate you letting me know what you did and provide pics of the setup if at all possible.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

First disconnect the old condenser. You could take the wires that connect to the original condenser, solder on a short wire to run outside the magneto housing and attach your external condenser there. You could also connect the condenser to the stator wire and the ht terminal and ground the condenser to the frame where the coil mounts. (The 50v also has the AV7 motor)

Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

Dan Kubica /

Ah, I must have been thinking of a different model. Anyways, the problem is the Novi nut is completely locked up. I have taken it off before, but it was 2 years ago before I put a 70cc kit on the ped. I wonder if the stronger motor ended up tightening the Novi bolt to a crazy level. Two people holding down the moped and one using a huge ratchet and we still could not get it. I am aware it is reverse threaded BTW.

So, I currently do not have a way to get to the original condenser as it is internal. Is there anyway to make the external condenser just ornamental without removing it or taking off the flywheel/magneto cover? I was hoping that just disconnecting the wire from the coil to the stator would be enough, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Also, the condenser I have is metal on the outside and only has 1 wire coming out of it. Does having the condenser bolted to the metal frame ground it? Or do the condensers with only 1 wire not require a ground or something? I have been pondering this.

Thanks for the reply!

Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

Dan Kubica /

Actually, I just had an idea, but I am not sure it will work. I can see the back of the condenser behind the stator plate on the outside of the engine. The top of the condenser that has a wire or whatever is used to connect it is facing into the stator, so I can't get to the wires like that. I do believe that I can remove some bolts from the crank case and then remove the bracket that holds in the (half) internal condenser.

Do you have any idea if the wire would be long enough to pull out the back and connect to the external condenser? Or is the internal condenser just soldered on with no wires at all or very short wires? I replaced it before, but I don't remember anymore.

Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

Justin Miller /

You're going to need to disconnect the old condenser from your points, which means getting inside the fly wheel. I used an impact wrench to get mine off the first time. Otherwise, your best bet is a large hose clamp around the flywheel with a block of wood underneath to hold it and a long breaker bar in the nut.

This pic is before I made the condenser external, but where I've tied into the gray wire from stator to HT coil there is now both the kill switch wire (black wire in pic) and the condenser wire going into the bike side of the red disconnect.


Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

you just tap the wire from the condenser in to the wire going to the coil from the magneto, they all connect at the points, then ground the condenser, by bolting it to one of the coil bolts for example (if it has one of those little brackets coming off it, if not you'll have to come up with something like a metal clamp). I ran this one all the way in to the magneto and connected it to the points like the original, but like I said, you can just tap in to the wire going to the coil.


~M (edited)


Re: Is my interpretation of the external condenser setup correct?

Here's mine on a 7. I took the wire originally going to the ignition coil cut it and spliced the condenser there and ran a new wire back to where the ignition coil mounts on the 7. You definitely need to get that novi nut off. I've done the hose clamp trick and it works pretty well. If its really stuck on there you may need to make a notch on the nut and bang it off with a chisel and hammer. Then you'll have to buy this and not worry anymore.

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