First Rebuild/Repair, Tips?

As title states I'm doing my first rebuild and repair on my 1980 Honda Express NC50.

It's looking like a large project with a lot of odds and ends, and wondering where to start, or if there is any order of operations I should work for.

Back when I was 16 I took the rear wheel and engine case off of moped, ordered new gasket kit for the engine, as well as a new element for the air filter. (edited)

Re: First Rebuild/Repair, Tips?

take lots of pics along the way, just in case. I like to put nuts and bolts back where they belong so I remember where they go.

Re: First Rebuild/Repair, Tips?

Labeled zip lock bags & pics.

Re: First Rebuild/Repair, Tips?

Never assume that prying with sharp tools or banging on anything is the best way to do something, it isn't. If you can't see a better way to do it, you haven't learned how, or you need a tool that does the job specifically.

Re: First Rebuild/Repair, Tips?

Think before you take things apart. If there is no benefit to taking a part apart then don't. Murphy's law says that's the part you'll break trying to get back together. Ask me how I know ...

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