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You're absolutely right it is dumb wiki that allows wrong information to be put in it. Not to use all 3 coils for lights is dumb.

Or not to use the wonderful three-phase system that is self-regulating with good bulb brightness and life with no regulator, resistors or headlight bucket that has a birds nest of wiring in it like other brand x mopeds.

Ya No brake light or a dim one will get you pulled over in most states too.

Putting all on one coil (21w coil/yellow wire) is just dumb for the poor performance that you get/completely unusable lights at Idle all lights go dim when you put on the brake and coil just eventually fails because of overloading and no regulation. I hate following someone who has hardwired lights I can't even tell if they put the brakes even if they wire the brake light in.

Full wiring harness with stock or same ohm wire, 21w coil for headlight and speedo, 10w coil for brake light and 5w coil for brake light Will give you good bright headlight and speedo, good working tail and brake light. All my puch/most puch mopeds lights and lighting circuits lasted 30 something years and will last 30 more years if wired and maintained correctly.

With a little fine-tuning like finding a very good focused headlight bulb for a tight beam and cleaning all terminals will get you adequate lighting and better than many other brands of mopeds without resistors or birds-nests wiring in the headlight bucket like other brands of mopeds have.

Whoever puts that hardwiring in the wiki add it next to the other wrong puch info like puch full advance timing video link .

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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