lots of laura m48 questions from a n00b

Randy Reddell /

ok, so i have a 1977 Batavus HS50. It has the Encarwi S25 carb on it. Got it for $250 thought it was a pretty good deal! But it needs some work. I'm very new to this, so any help is great, sorry if these questions may seem silly.

1. It had no spark when i got it, cleaned the points, carb, and exhaust, got a new spark plug, boot and wire, and she fired right up! Was running okay (not full power, topping out at 25mph, should be 30) until today. Went into the store, came out, and it won't get a spark again. Not sure what it could be, any thoughts?

considering buying new points and ignition coil, is it worth it or am i just overlooking something stupid?

2. The carb is leaking gas when petcock is off. Cleaned the carb out, the float and pin seem clean and good. Just ordered a new petcock, will that fix it or could it be something else?

3. Speaking of carbs, i was considering getting the 60cc kit motomatic makes and getting a bigger carb. Unfortunately everywhere seems to be out of the 15mm MLM intake and the only one I can find is the 18mm one (https://www.treatland.tv/MLM-batavus-M48-VM18-clamp-style-intake-PHBG-p/motion-left-intake-148.htm) Would I be able to put that onto a stock laura m48 motor and then just get an 18mm carb? is that too big? will i need to do anything special to make it fit?

4. Is there anywhere I can buy a new clutch for this thing?

Thanks for any help!

Re: lots of laura m48 questions from a n00b

Double Trouble Dan /

First try the old spark plug . sometimes they fail. You should gap the points and spray them with contact or brake cleaner. Then make sure that the new plug wire is making contact with the ends.

I'll leave the carb questions to the experts.

Re: lots of laura m48 questions from a n00b

♣Slew Foot♣ /

way too big of a carb, if it was doing 25 it was running top speed.

the leak is prolly the right angle banjo fitting, there is a screen cup in there. it gets clogged but it prolly could use some nylon washers or copper ones to sure up the banjo. then next to that is a teensy tower that is the floatbowl overflow if the needle seat or float is bad it will leak from there, the jet holders tend to loosen and leak, also the jets fall out if not torqued. some teflon tape will stop the jetholder leak.

hot plug like a 6hs.

trace the HT coil neg ground to the frame make sure its good after that i would hazzard a guess it is the condensorm, if your pointset didn't slip out that is.

Re: lots of laura m48 questions from a n00b

Are you sure it was no spark when you came out of the store? How did you check? Could have been a fuel problem from your description.

Most old petcocks will leak because the rubber seal inside gets dry and brittle, so the new petcock is a good call.

That said, if the needle valve in the carb is working, it shouldn't leak, so there's another problem somewhere. The Encarwi is a very simple carb, but does have its problems. Most folks, even Bat owners, are not aware that there is a tiny hole located on the right side of the carb body near the manifold clamp. If the float level is too high, fuel will leak from this hole. Bats like a low float level, anyway.

If you have an S25 carb, yours is a 30 mph model, and should get there without too much drama unless you're heavier than most riders. Make sure your jet has been changed to the 56 size. If it's 58 you still have the "break-in" jet.

What's wrong with your clutch? Moped Junkyard has most parts you would need: http://www.themopedjunkyard.com/batavusclutch.html

Maybe a bit pricier, but I've gotten good service from them.

I'm running stock carb and manifold, so I can't help with your bigger carb questions, but to me that seems really big, even if you can put the 60cc kit on there.

Re: lots of laura m48 questions from a n00b

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the 30 mph model also had a special clutch assembly and the "a" cyl and a -10 bottomend and shallower head. without the other extras it is the 25 mph model.

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