Kinetic/ Ciao engine rotation

Does the engine on a Kenetic/Ciao rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?

The reason I ask is after several attempts to start it in 95+ degree heat, I was beat.

I've been using a cordless drill and 17mm socket to turn the engine over clockwise to see if I could start it. Also to check spark and compression.

I've yet to actually start this engine with this method. I'm not sure if my drill is not providing enough spin or I'm turning the engine clockwise is actually backwards.

This was even before I tore the engine down with the bad crankshaft bearing. Pedal starting it was putting the engine in a bind.

Question is can you get enough spin on the engine to start it with a cordless drill? I observed the crankshaft rotating while trying to pedal start it and I think it turns clockwise. Right now I suspect the reason it won't start is due to the leaking jug to crankcase gasket.

Otherwise I'd need to apply some Locktite to the crankshaft nut in order to spin it counterclockwise because the nut wants to comes off. Probably not a bad idea anyway but I'd just soon do that once I get this thing running again.

Re: Kinetic/ Ciao engine rotation

Clockwise, looking at the flywheel/clutch side (Locktite on the crank nut is a good idea because of this), drill-starting should work, it can over-torque the nut tho. IMHO there's really no point messing with it until you address the leaks.



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