Batavus clutch not engaging?

Scooter Steve /

I have a new project that is totally complete, but I have never worked on one.

My initial issue is that the clutch does not seem to be engaging. I have read that adjusting the decomp wire could be a simple fix.

Any other thoughts. I need the first step.


Re: Batavus clutch not engaging?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

first try an easy fix, take a syringe or oil can, take off the clutch cover.

squirt some marvel mystery oil into the central hub. run bike spin off excess, tap center button with small hammer lightly with the clutch lever engaged. it will free it up if its stuck. otherwise you need to re adjust the lever knarp. so there is some slack in there. it should free up and the marvel will not glaze the pads but will burn off after a dozen miles.

after that, it is dissassembly, clean all parts in brake cleaner after lightly sanding the central hub towers and disk.

Re: Batavus clutch not engaging?

You don't have a decomp valve (or lever). The "Start" lever attaches to a spring arm that squeezes the clutch together so the engine will turn over when you pedal.

I'm not sure what your problem is. Are you able to start the motor but the clutch doesn't engage, so the bike won't move? Or are you unable to start the engine because the clutch won't engage when you pull the lever and pedal?

Re: Batavus clutch not engaging?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the belt could be slipping if aged.

Re: Batavus clutch not engaging?

Scooter Steve /

Joe...thats exactly it. The clutch wont engage to start the motor when i pedal and pull lever. Havent heard it start yet.

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Re: Batavus clutch not engaging?

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been kind of hectic around here.

So take a look at what's happening when you pull the "START" lever. The spring arm on the clutch should move inwards, towards the engine. If not, you probably have too much slack in the cable. There should be very little space between the arm and the center point of the clutch hub.

If the arm is contacting the hub and moving in, but the clutch discs are not squeezing together, there's probably crud and corrosion that's got it frozen. You'll have to disassemble it and clean everything up. (This is actually a good idea even if it was working.)

If the plates squeeze together but the clutch doesn't turn, maybe the belt is loose like Slew Foot said.

Can you turn the engine over by turning the magneto on the right side?

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