97 Kinetic TFR Release

Hemitheus Gherardini /

I just got my wife a 97 Kinetic TFR and she loves it. After some research I found this site and registered. While on the site I found the parts and owners manuals and downloaded them. I read through the owners manual and noticed that the engine can be disengaged for free cycling. Since my wifes #1 complaint about the moped was how difficult it was to pedal I excitedly said "Babe, check this out" I disengaged the engine and free cycling fun was had. Then I went to put it back in engine mode and it wont re-engage. I tried pulling the lever back with pliers as gently as I could as not to mar the shaft to no avail. It is currently soaking in PB blaster.

Any help in finding a resolution to this problem is most appreciated. My wife is pouting and depressed that she cannot ride her new baby.

Thanks all.

Re: 97 Kinetic TFR Release

HMMM, when you pull the lever back the black knob should pop back in.

Have you tried rolling it backwards?

I actually had to disengage the gearbox the other day when my outer crankshaft bearing failed and locked the engine up. Pedaling a 100 lb bike a mile home and having to push it up some hills was not fun. Might as well be riding my Mongoose mountain bike...

Got the engine back together but it's loosing compression through a leaking gasket. Hopefully once I get that fixed it will run again.

Re: 97 Kinetic TFR Release

the release lever clicks in to a groove in the disengage button shaft and keeps it in. once you push the lever the button should want to pop back out, you might have to wheel the bike back and forth a few inches to align everything in the trans.



Re: 97 Kinetic TFR Release

Hemitheus Gherardini /

I will give the back it out method a shot. But one of you said IN the other said OUT.. My understanding is that it needs to come back OUT... yes?

Thanks. (edited)

Re: 97 Kinetic TFR Release

Hemitheus Gherardini /

OUT is correct. My PB Blaster soaking paid off. There are two notches. Apparently I pushed it past the notch and all the way in and it was hung up on something internally. The mechanism is VERY sticky and I will eventually need to address that. For now no bicycle mode. Thanks all

Re: 97 Kinetic TFR Release

Sure thing. It might be a good idea to check on and top-off or change the gear oil. It should be even with the fill hole, the screw is right next to the button there.



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