Wheel bearings

Matt Glanville /

Hi, I stripped the front wheel on my maxi down this afternoon and I've dropped the bearings on the garage floor! I've got the alloy wheels with loose bearings on the front but I'm not sure how many bearings there should be on each side...anybody tell me? Cheers

Re: Wheel bearings

Darrell Gabbard /

take a measurement of a bearing ball and then the measurement of the race and use ebay as a reference since they are loose then 7-12 depending on size.

Re: Wheel bearings

This will sound dumb, but clean it out , all the grease in your cups . Put clean bearing grease in there, get a pair of needle nose pliers. Now put as many bearings as you can without crowding. They should fit tight in there with very little if any play, the grease will hold them in. Now with your cone on the axle carefully put it past the bearings while holding it in turn the wheel over and put bearings in the cups on other side. Thread that cone in to zero backlash and back it out till you have a tiny amount of backlash. Put your seal in Hold the cone with cone wrench and tighten the thin nut snugly. Do other side.If you do it right you will have same number of balls on both sides.

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