Tomos targa a35 testing stator?

Hey guys,

I have a new to me 2001 tomos targa a35 that doesn't seem to have any spark. I have checked the cap/wire. Tried a new cdi/coil. Wired the stator directly to the cdi/coil, still no joy.

I've I connect a test light to the 'lights' (yellow wire) on the stator I see enough voltage to light it up. On the other hand, the black does light at all, and shows lower voltage. Does this sound right? Is there any other way to test the stator before I go buy one? They are kinda pricy.

Thanks guys for any help!

Re: Tomos targa a35 testing stator?

Re: Tomos targa a35 testing stator?

Grounds look good. Any other idea? What should the resistance be for each of the coils ? Anyone happen to know? Lights seen low and igniton is high.


Re: Tomos targa a35 testing stator?

Would someone happen to know what the resistance values are for the magnetio coils?


Re: Tomos targa a35 testing stator?

I have a yamaha manual here, might be close enough for some simple tests. Source coil resistance 216-264 ohms at 68f, this is the black wire from the magneto.

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