axles, bearings and cones oh my!

soooo i recently replaced my axles and cones after my rear wheel failed. i bought an Olympia from treats 11 mm. it was going good for about three rides not very far and guess what? rear wheel failure. same wobbly draggy wheel. i haven't had a chance to look at it again but i have a feeling my cones and axle may be screwed again. so any ideas on why this is happening? are Olympia products questionable? better grease? better balls? better cones? better axle maybe? i got snowflakes on a Newport. can i switch it up with a 12 mm easily?

Re: axles, bearings and cones oh my!

Probably Fred /

Only original snowflake cones, axles and ball bearings seem to work on a snowflake mag wheel and Who knows if you adjusted them right or mixed Old and new ball bearings together because those are bit different in size. Most aftermarket snowflake mag parts are a little bit different in size, cup and cone angles and now your cups and balls bearing plating is missing, are worn/full of metal so you may need everything replaced including balls and cups and cones.

The best thing/only thing you can do is to convert it to sealed bearings with their sealed bearing kit on treats and or make a kit.

You need 12 mm sealed bearings, shim material, inside space tube and then of course still need 12 mm sealed bearing axle spacer, nuts etc.

Unless you use original puch OEM snowflake cups, cones, and nos ball bearings

It will happen again

Re: axles, bearings and cones oh my!

Sealed bearings are the way. The quality and accuracy of cone bearings is usually about 1/10 of a sealed bearing. The seals are much better and are automatically replaced with a bearing change.

One of the best things I like about sealed bearings is the removable axle allows for much easier wheel balancing.

Re: axles, bearings and cones oh my!

I see... well, looks like sealed is the way to go. Thanks Ken for the heads up i was hoping that wasn't the case. Snowflakes are apparently hard to find these days. Somebody should make new ones that would be tits! But if i can't figure out all this sealed conversion monkey business i might be looking to get some 5 stars.... or maybe some spokes. It kinda seems like a new complete set of wheels in general for Puchs are hard to come by except for old/new frankensteined rims and hubs. Maybe i'm just not looking hard enough or i'm just wrong i don't know. The Bernardi 17" five stars on treats look viable, but i don't know about not having that rear brake adjuster thingy. how would that work out?

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