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1977 Puch Newport. All stock. Been setting for probably 35 years. Overall good condition with everything there. I am not getting any spark at the plug and need some advice on trouble shooting. The on/off switch is broken but it is in the on position and the wires have continuity. I ran a piece of 400 grit sandpaper through the points but that's as far as I've gone. Electrical issues are not my strong suit, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Double Trouble Dan /

several possibilities.

1 get a new spark plug and proper gap set . use b6hs .015- .020

2 get a new spark wire or cut and re-thread both ends- check continuity

3 check spark plug boot - they fail- just replaced one last night.

4 sand points with 400 grit -clean points with electrical contact cleaner

5 set points at .016-.018.

6 make sure that points open and close properly . no sticking -or lube with pb blaster and clean with contact cleaner

7 timing 14-17 degrees before top dead center

Re: No spark--

if horns does not work no spark. try putting two horn wires togetter also check brake bulb.

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most kill switches work by grounding out the coil wire feed from the stator, preventing spark.

if the 2 wires have continuity, the switch may be closed = off.

but truthfully, continuity is useless there, as the wires are connected at the other end too.

if in doubt, disconnect the kill switch.

Re: No spark--

Thanks for the advice and information. I'll start with a new plug and work back from there. Right after I got the bike I was able to get the plug to spark a couple of times--literally a couple of sparks, but since the bike has been sitting I wanted to lubricate the cylinder wall and add trans fluid before doing much cranking.

I have a copy of a 1980 owner's manual and I am assuming that most of the information in it will apply to my '77, although the tire size was not correct and I had to return the Michelin 2.25-17 tires I bought.

I looked at the points earlier but will now give them more attention. Can I check the timing without removing the flywheel?

Re: No spark--

Re: No spark--

Thank for the video.

Re: No spark--

I've cleaned the points, checked the plug wire, verified the plug is good, but still no spark. I suspect that the on-off switch may be the problem since one of the wires is broken. How do I disconnect it from the coil or otherwise by-pass it?

Re: No spark--

blarga flarga /

If your kill switch is broken so long as it's not contacting the frame or the ground wire, then that won't be it. But if the live wire is not attatched and is touching the frame then that is effectively putting the kill switch in the off position. If you aren't sure which is which, then take both the ends, make sure they arent touching anything, and then try for spark again.

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