Puch Maxi Luxe won't start

Hi - I picked up a 1980 Puch Maxi Luxe this summer from an elderly gentleman - low miles, nearly immaculate etc. etc. It ran great when purchased. Am running Amsoil Interceptor Premix (Pink stuff) 50:1 in it. It came filled with something else - refilled it the night of a party with the premix. Teenagers and adults alike were buzzing around on it until it suddenly started going slower and eventually conked out. It sat for awhile marking its spot; I went out and flipped the fuel lever choke and starter switch ans she fired right up. We took it to a friend who tears down dirt bikes in his spare time to go over it fully, tune up etc; he indicated the carb bowl was stripped (hence the fuel leak) and that likely the carb should be replaced. It ran ok for a day or so then would not start, but after several attempts, shake, shudder and kick like a mule for a few second. I called Chicago Moped who verified regardless the carb should be replaced & got a 15mm Bing, 15mm manifold and several jets; started off with the 64mm jet; everything in place, and ready to rip and....nothing, until about the fifth attempt, when I had about a half block of the shake, shudder and kick again. New plug, new carb.......what's going on???? Want to fix it, for less than I paid for it, so my kid can take to college, all responses welcome, thanks! Tom

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Probably Fred /


Wiki is your friend

The mechanic/friend you took it to wouldn't know a puch moped if one hit him in the head. You probably just had a blocked petcock and or block screen filter in the banjo fitting begin with. your carb leak leak was probably only from a bad float needle. The bowl gasket does nothing to stop leaks.

You could have a completely loose bowl and it will not leak when sitting because the float will push up on the float needle stopping the fuel flow.

The 15 mm bing will do little good for you. stock maxi 2 hp e50 will use a 12mm bing, 14mm intake, 60 jet with 222 atomizer and full air box with snorkle for correct air fuel mix .

Make sure you have good fuel flow then run the set up I just told you if you have a two HP engine and a clear exhaust (unblocked)

Make sure you clip choke plate into the lever.

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make sure horn works and back bulb works or no start

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Thanks Ken!

Did seem a bit odd - that would explain the sudden shuddering/stalling. And then the odd running beautifully, after having sat for six weeks - crap blocking fuel.........

The fellow who looked @ it was correct, insofar that the bowl was stripped badly enough that you could pull it off by hand, replacing it *did* stop the leak. Someone had completely stripped it out. Likely a good shaking of the tank and thorough rinse and same with everything leading to the carb could't hurt......

Went with the 15mm as 12mm's online are knockoffs - saw a 12mm Bing for sick money, like $254 on Ebay.......too rich for my blood would rather go blind reading different jet sizes and popping them in until we hit that sweets spot - of course it has to start/run to hit that sweet spot.....

thanks again can't be too hard used to clean all the guck out of an old Lambretta Jet 200 every few years or so, soak the carb and get the gelled gas out of it, would always start first kick. Some curious idiot tried to replace a busted headlight and got into the electrtical wiring in the head.........that's another story. One of these days. The big money is riding on the 1995 Guzzi 1100 Sport Carb taken from one shop, which managed to destroy the flywheel putting in a new clutch, in pieces to another. Hopefully will have her back before the leaves turn.

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Thanks Tim will do

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Shop at Treatland way better price than that, Dellorto I think is better. https://www.treatland.tv/SHA-15mm-clone-carburetor-p/sha-15mm-clone-lever.htm

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Could probably get a 12 bing for like $20 in the buy/sell forums, I'd send you a spare bowl for $5. Anyway, having a 15 on there won't hurt anything (and no a SHA is not better). Go through it and make sure the fuel system is clean, follow fred's guide, clean the points and check the timing etc etc, got to maintain these things to keep em running. P.S. Sounds like you need a proper indy guzzi/ape shop in your parts like MotoInternational!


~M (edited)

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Rescued Big Black from the clutches of the Harley boy working on her and found a guy called The Guzzi Doctor thank God......floor you could eat off of, 5 Guzzis and 1 Duc in stands, out in front the most knockout Guzzi Daytona you ever laid eyes on. He is gonna machine down a flywheel from another big block guz and figure out his own ignition system 'cuz he doesn't like the flywheel sensor driven ignition on the Carb Sport - damn that's righteous.Wish I could spring for Stage III porting, valve work, dual spark heads and a cam....

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Sounds like You've found the right place for her!

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