Trans/clutch probs

Hard downshifting into first.. Clutch slippin in takeoff an when shifting into second leaking fluid somewhere near the front sprocket.. Getting worse an worse. Prolly isent helping that theres 10/40 weight motor oil in the trans.. Time for a rebuild..

Re: Trans/clutch probs


Re: Trans/clutch probs

Do you have a question? I don't see one.

Also, it might help if you posted what engine and bike you have lol

Re: Trans/clutch probs

Can anyone reccomend a clutch upgrade? Mine is getting worse from takeoff and shifting.. Any reviews on the hammer clutch? Or any other upgraded clutches?

Re: Trans/clutch probs

♣Slew Foot♣ /

if you got a fluid leak its a tomos right? an a35 i presume. it can be worn 1rst gear pads.

the leak is the inner seal on the pedalcrank you over filled it. try straight marvel mystery oil for a week then switch to heavy gear diff. oil.

if when you drain it have a magnet in the flow. if you get filings on it then you ate the 2nd speed return spring, it looks like a ?. dis assemble and refit with a shimmed a55 maingear, no more pesky springy thingy that eats your gears.

if the fluid is silver its a giveaway.

Re: Trans/clutch probs

Dirty30 Dillon /

Besides for the Tomos Hammer, which is still in pre-production as far as I've heard, there is no upgrade besides retrofitting some a3 shoes onto it.

Sounds like your clutches are bout ready to be dead. re-line them.

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