MB5 has no spark - please help me out of this nightmare

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On my MB5, the red battery wire has been spliced into by the previous owner. There is a yellow wire electrical taped in, and the fuse that is supposed to be on the red wire is not even there. Without that fuse, I don't know what issues I could be facing. My CDI, Ignition coil or stator could be blown for all I know. A new battery is plugged into those battery wires since I have had the bike. But anyways, I had spark when I bought this bike, but after I changed the spark plug boot, I have no spark. I tried to make a good connection to the boot several times, but no luck. Also, when I turn the key on, none of my lights work and my horn doesn't work either. Does this indicate where the problem could be? The horn and lights did work before I changed the spark plug boot, with just the key on. My next step is to check the boot wire for spark. If there is no spark, then I will have to take the seat and tank off and check all the wiring and look at replacing the CDI, stator and ignition coil. Does the whole wiring harness only have that one fuse that I seem to be missing from the red battery wire?

Re: MB5 has no spark - please help me out of this nightmare

I don't know what year you have but try this wiring diagram. Check ground from battery then start at + side with your meter and start tracing voltage. Get one at Wal-Mart auto dept. or most any auto parts store you will need it. http://www.mopedarmy.com/mediawiki/images/0/09/Honda_MB5_wiring_diagram.png

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