Clutch tuning on a Puch


I just bought a 1986 Puch Maxi that I am having a ball with.

Did a small amount of tuning and she is running almost 30mph on the flats. Just followed the service bulletin on converting from 1.5 to 2 HP.

I do have a question. Have heard a lot about clutch tuning and, although I have searched, I cannot seem to find a good explanation on what I need to do and look for.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Cape Cod

Re: Clutch tuning on a Puch

Probably Fred /

You get thick springs and turn them in turns in from flush

You can grind metal away and use lighter springs .

Both make later engagement keeping you into the power at take off and on hills

Re: Clutch tuning on a Puch


Thank you. I have been reading a lot and have seen many of your most informative postings, Thank you.

Not sure I understand what you mean by the first two sentences.

I seem like they contradict each other. Thicker springs or light springs with grinding them down accomplishes the same thing?

I thought I read that you should use weak springs and thick motor oil in the tranny but read tonight to use 0-20 synthetic.

Again thanks for any advice or help.


Re: Clutch tuning on a Puch

Probably Fred /

No grind down the metal on the shoes so you can use less spring

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