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I am in need of some help. I'm looking for someone who can sort out some problems with my son's PUCH Maxi.

We installed a 74CC kit and a De Lorto carb.

It ran well for a while and now starts, runs for under a minute and then dies.

A 12 volt kit was installed and still the problem is the same.

Does anyone know of mechanics in the Seattle area who are willing to work on these machines. There is a limit to what we know about repairing this problem and we would gladly pay for someone to sort it out and get him on the road.

Help will be appreciated greatly!

Re: Repair

Points...CDI... temp gauge....what is your complete motor set-up...has it ever been driven...milage on motor...

Re: Repair

Did you guys jet it accordingly? how does the plug look after it dies? may be just too rich fouling the plug at idle.

Lots of info in the wiki on basic troubleshooting as well as Puchs. Start with Fred's guide for the basics.


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Re: Repair

List everything, carburetor size,(14.12 Dellorto example) Jet size, what brand cylinder kit, exhaust pipe , spark plug(like NGK B6HS example) Timing, anything you can add will help. This is something you and your son can fix with help. If you don't know what I have asked for that's OK. Explain it we will help.

Re: Repair

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