Motobecane 40 not starting

Been working on this for the past few weeks, put it back together and... it won't start.


Gas from second tank (body tank was rusted)

Bendy intake

#68 jet in 15/15 SHA


Main tank treated with Evaporust + Redkote

New petcock

Malossi shorty intake

#60 jet in 15/15 SHA

All new cables (brakes, throttle, choke, decomp)

Has spark, compression, and fuel is flowing just fine. When I pedal I get a steady putting, but it just doesn't start.

Re: Motobecane 40 not starting

Figured it out! Issue was that I didn't grind the malossi intake down quite enough, it wasn't seating completely on the right side. Once that was fixed, it started right up!

Re: Motobecane 40 not starting

May all our troubles vanish so easily! Sherlock Holmes

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