sabre 50 1968 allstate sears

Timing , point gap ? How critical is this for starting engine? I am sure that I am close my point gap @ 0.12 to 0.16. The Timing I have moved in 16th in. increments from one way to the other.The engine sputters wont stay running.

Re: sabre 50 1968 allstate sears

Read these in order, need more help(you will, keep on posting)I think its made by Puch or am I wrong?

Re: sabre 50 1968 allstate sears

There's lee-way on that gap. It sounds to me that your main seals are dried up. Shouldn't have to split the case to replace them, but ya still gotta dig a little into the transmission to get to that one. The other's behind the stator of course.

Could be a weak coil.

Sometimes an old spark plug will fire nice when it's out, but under compression, it won't want to as much. If you have a killswitch on it, ya might check to see that it's got good new wires.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Re: sabre 50 1968 allstate sears

Overpriced Parts /

Whoa who put me in wiki without me knowing?

That page needs fixing its supposed to say 14° to 17° timing not 16-17 degrees

puch e50, z50 and za50 engine will run on 14° timing and run cooler then 16

degree timing

Re: sabre 50 1968 allstate sears

The Sabre has none of those motors though.

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