Bing 14mm stock needle position?

I'm returning my Maxi to stock, using scavenged parts from a parts bike.

I'd like to make sure everything is back to stock. Anybody know the stock needle position? I'd just like to check it and make sure it's right.

Thanks in advance


Re: Bing 14mm stock needle position?

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The dealer would make adjustments to the needle there really isn't a stock position but from the factory many times it came second clip from the top.

Making a bike from a parts bike/scavenged parts you may not have stock parts for your model.

1hp, 1.5hp and 2 hp engines all had different intakes, exhaust restrictions, atomizers, slides, Jets, needles, air filter snorkels and gearing.

Re: Bing 14mm stock needle position?

Excellent. Thank you for the reply.

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