Battery Compatibility

I purchased a new battery for my 2010 Tomos Streetmate and the product description/pictures said it was a 12v 4ah, but it looks like they sent me a 12V 3Ah battery. I'd like to get this fired up today and I *think* I can use this one, but I want to make sure. I'm still pretty new to wrenching on stuff. Thanks!

Re: Battery Compatibility

The only difference between 4ah and 3ah is 25% less storage capacity. If the bike has an electric starter it could be a problem as you may not have the grunt needed to turn the engine over.

Re: Battery Compatibility

Yeah, it's an e-start. However, it can be kickstarted too which has come in handy several times. I think I'll try it and see what happens. Thanks for the info!

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