What Moped Uses a 14mm Kickstart Lever?

So, my motor did not come with a kickstart lever. Bummer. The stock KS lever looks like this -- completely unobtanium.



BUT, it is just a 14mm diameter KS. There are sketchy expensive motorcycle ones on Ebay, but does anyone know of a common moped that uses that size? Honda Express / Suzuki FA50 / Motobecane / Tomos? I looked an A3 Tomos lever sitting around, but it does not look like it would fit though.


Re: What Moped Uses a 14mm Kickstart Lever?

FA wouldn't work even if it fit the shaft. It kicks forward so the foot peg flips in the opposite direction of what you need. That is, if your kicks to the rear.

Re: What Moped Uses a 14mm Kickstart Lever?

14mm? what ? from where? how many teeth?

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