Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Hey guys,

So I have gas, compression, and spark but I'm still not kicking over. While looking for any electrical problems, I found these wires hanging off near my kill switch. I took apart the switch to see what was up. I can't figure out where they go. I found a wiring schematic, and it shows them being connected to something. I can't figure out what that's a pic of. Any ideas? Could this be the cause of my no start?

Thanks in advance guys!


Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

those wires go to the front brake lever. they work the brake light switch.

some bikes require a functioning brake light bulb to start. i don't know if thats the case on sachs but check brake light bulb anyway.

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Dookie Howser /

Thank you for the reply. Your name is awesome btw. Awhile ago I had both my tail light and rear brake bulbs out and my bike still ran. So there should be a terminal on my hand brake that connects to this wire? I'll check it out when I get home.

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

maybe your carb and jets are dirty. you have in-line filter. petcock turned to on?

nice bike. is that a 505 1d engine? can't tell from the picture angle.

are you a butcher or work in slaughter house?

ever see the movie motel hell? :)

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Dookie Howser /

I'm a chef and I break down whole animals at home for fun.

I never saw that movie, but I just watched a trailer and now I'm hooked...

current status..

hard start, it doesn't even turn over. I really have to pedal my ass off and it MIGHT start. If it does start, my bike runs perfect.

What I've done...

New plug- I am getting a nice blue spark

Completely broke down and cleaned carb

Checked fuel flow to carb

No faulty wiring

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Set timing, set points, search for air leak, check jet to see if appropriate size.

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Patrick Keaton /

If all that does not work,replace decompression valve with a bolt of the same thread.

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start

Dookie Howser /

The answer was, starter cable adjustment...

Re: Sachs Eagle 3 no start


now you can watch that movie :)

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