Honda PA50 voltage: how much too much?

I just got a 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II. It had burned out headlight filaments, burned out speedo light, missing tail light bulb, dead battery. Today I replaced the battery and fired it up. I put a meter on the headlight wires and it's reading 8.5 volts, same at the tail/brake light socket. Am I going to fry bulbs when I put them in? Will I fry my new battery running it in this system?

What's my problem?

Re: Honda PA50 voltage: how much too much?

The voltage will drop as you attach bulbs, due to the draw. The lack of draw from the battery is why the bulbs were blown.Do not attempt to run the bike without the complete system. Even running less than a full array of bulbs can cause them to burn.

Re: Honda PA50 voltage: how much too much?

Re: Honda PA50 voltage: how much too much?

The only problem with that is that the battery actually needs a charged voltage a bit higher than 6v. For instance, a 12v battery is at about a 30% charge when sitting at just 12.3v

The regulator likely allows for a slightly higher voltage but I wonder if it would maintain a full charge to the battery. Also, if you eliminate the battery then the lights it powers will be dimmer at idle possibly and if the bike is equipped with turn signals the tail light will blink in time with the signals due the low output at idle.

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