One more starter clutch question

Thanks guys for your help letting me know what parts I need to fix my Kinetic. I ordered the Vespa Olympia starter shoes and new springs from Treats as suggested and will see how that goes.

Not trying to beat this subject like a dead horse, just trying to get an understand as to how the starter clutch locked my engine up.

The other day when this happened, I left my driveway and made it about 1/4 mile down the road at full throttle and then the engine seemed like it was either missfiring or running out of fuel. I thought perhaps the engine may have just been cold.

This happened on my maiden voyage but I think that was a fuel issue which was caused by a trashed up fuel tank and a clogged petcock valve. Fixed all that and got a new spark plug. But I think this was a prelude of what was to come after making my first stop.

As I mentioned before I pedaled away from my first errand and then the engine started to bog down then stall. Intially I thought my engine had locked up. Even with the decompression valve open, if I tried to push my moped it would drag the rear wheel across the pavement. With the clutch assembly removed, the engine will turn over freely so the problem is in the clutch.

The drive clutch looks fine and everything is there. And since one of the pins fell out of the starter clutch, I'm almost certain that was where the problem is.

My question is how could the starter clutch lock the engine up?

I got to thinking, it looks like the clutches enage in opposite directions. So if the main clutch engages in one direction (clockwise?) and the starter clutch engages in another direction (counterclockwise), then the two would be fighting against each other and lock the engine. Is that what was occuring?

But here is what I don't understand. Looks to me like the drive clutch would not engage unless the engine was actually spinning. Just peddaling trying to start the engine should not create enough force to engage the drive clutch. I wouldn't think. Unless the spring are really worn out but they are not.

Re: One more starter clutch question

Quote: `My question is how could the starter clutch lock the engine up? '

Yes,on a lot of bikes it can. You gotta make sure things are right in the tranny.. Fix it the way it should be. don-ohio

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