Motobecane Question

Hey everyone.

I'm the proud new owner of 1980 Motobecane Traveler, silver, 30MPH model (no variator). Bikes in good shape and almost entirely complete. Mostly just needed tank flushed and fuel filter installed.

The only thing missing from the bike is the "air box" or air filter cover for the Gurtner carb. This is the late model Gurtner, the kind where a bolt would have held the air box on. I'm currently trying to find one.

Here's my question...

How fast was air supposed to be able to get in the thing? I'd like to attempt to find a way to restrict air flow to properly tune the bike as if it was there. Thinking about wrapping a small towel around the filter itself. I don't want to get into changing jets in the carburetor (at least yet, want to get it as close to stock for now) so I don't want to keep running it with just the filter.

Most pictures look like the airbox had a sealed top. In fact I don't really see where air even went in to the thing. But then I see strange pictures like this one that sold on eBay where it looks like they cut the top off:

Anyone have any input for me?



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