Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

So I decide to run a few erands today on my moped and I

pull out after my 1st stop and make it a short distance and discover something is not right. Turns out the engine is locked up!

So I ended up disengaging the gearbox and pedaling home. That sucks. Wife's laughing at me when I get in the house as she saw me pushing it up the hill into my garage!

So my first instinct is to take the clutch apart. I discover a small plastic peg has jammed something inside the clutch. See red arrow pointing toward the white peg:

First of all what do these set of set of clutches behind the outer clutch suppose to do? I've heard someone mention something about a starter clutch. So I'm assuming when you pedal to get the engine started, it spreads these two clutches apart and grabs so the engine spins. Then if you are coasting, the clutches move inward to reduce resistance? Is that correct? If not someone school me.

What is the purpose of the pegs? There is a spring behind both pegs. It appears they prevent the clutches from moving inward but there are no springs holding these set of clutches together like on the main clutch. So I'm a bit stumped as to how it works and what it's supposed to do.

I'm going to remove the pegs and springs and put the outer clutch back on and see what happens.

I do know that in order to start this moped, I have to open the deceleration valve and either pedal or roll off. Even if I just lightly try to pedal the bike while it's on it's kickstands, it's almost impossible to crank the engine.

Since this is my first moped, I'm not even sure if that's normal or perhaps one of the pegs fell out before I even bought this thing and it was just a matter of time it jammed the clutch and locked the engine up.

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That stuff is all supposed to be there. The issue is not your starter clutch. Does the engine spin freely by hand?

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Lol, we've all been there (the pedaling it home part), you gave her a good laugh so it's all part of the fun!

The little pegs are supposed to be there, they are just dampers, vespa shoes have rubber pads that serve the same function (and springs to pull the shoes back). You have the right idea on how they operate, once you pedal fast enough they grab and turn the engine, (holding the decomp makes this easier), once (you let go of the decomp and) the engine is running they should let go, after that the main shoes do the work in the opposite direction.

Take the clutch off and try to spin the crank/flywheel by hand while you hold the decompression lever, it should turn over smoothly.



Re: Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

Well something in the starter clutch is locking the engine up. With the clutch assembly off, I can spin the engine over easily.

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While awaiting for an answer. In the meantime I went back out to my garage. I had to find out for myself what these pieces do and discovered that without the pins, the starter still jams. I made about 3 revolutions until the starter locked up again. Then found out the moped won't start with the starter shoes removed. DUHH.

So anyway I was trying to figure out what allows these shoes to retract. Here is a photo (from this forum) of a TFR starter clutch.

Then here is mine:

Why does the photo about have springs attached to the shoes (like my drive clutch) but my starter clutch has not springs? Is mine supposed to have springs to retract the starter shoes? Is mine just an older design?

Since the starter worked fine up until today, I wondered if I just took the clutch apart and cleaned it with brake cleaner and sanded/greased the pivots, this might prevent the shoes from jamming.

So I'm tapping the clutch housing against my garage floor and one of the shoes get's caught between the housing and I busted it!

It's made of potmetal so it's no wonder.

Everybody says Treats is the place to order Kinetic parts from but they are not showing just the shoes and whatever else needed to make the system work. I'll email them but anybody know of any other places I might get new starter clutch shoes? (edited)

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You can spin it with a drill and socket on the magneto nut, take out the spark plug ,it turns easy if you don't want to start it or leave plug in.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Re: Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

Do i need any springs to go with the shoes?

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Hugh Goldspiel /

The old kinetic Luna clutch doesn't have springs..

If that's a rear variator you're looking at replacing the entire rear end, you can use vespa

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Bummer. Yeah, if You're going to use the vespa shoes you'll want the lil springs.



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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Turbo 124 Wrote:


> Do i need any springs to go with the shoes?

Two of these too,

Re: Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

Re: Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

Jonas Ketzner /

Won't come outside free wheel,I pedle an it's like regular bike,my decompression cable is I need clutch?


Re: Kinetic TFR, what does this do?

i have these off a vespa for 22 shipped if ya want.


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ohh^ you hijacked an ol thread. is it in pedal mode, does your clutch bell spin while pedaling?

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