Puch maxi wiring problem

got this moped a few years back. rode it everyday till i went to college and left it at home for about a year or so. Came back to it and the petcock gasket had broken so gas was leaking. In the process of trying to fix it a blue wire connected to the ignition coil came undone from its other end. I cant figure out where to put it back. I believe this is the only problem with the bike. cant get it started at all. Really would love some help because i miss this thing hella bad. Wanna get on it today.


Re: Puch maxi wiring problem

posted the pic below for a better understanding

Re: Puch maxi wiring problem

Patrick Keaton /

On one side you should have BLUE.

On the other side where that wire should go,should be a black wire.

Put it with that black wire.If there is no black wire there,put it there anyway.

Re: Puch maxi wiring problem

im not quite sure what you mean, it attaches to another wire?

Re: Puch maxi wiring problem

look where this came from: http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_wiring

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