who has had a regulator fail?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

so what happens?

does it fail completely, or can just one circuit fail?

i am running two headlights so it doesn't blowout, here's the twist.

the tail is absolutly fine, i was getting rando surges through the headlight like some one turning on the hi beams for 2 seconds - 6 seconds randomly, it ran years like that, blew the bulb, replaced, 3 minute burn now with an extra 12v 10w halogen its steady and will only brighten with hi rpms like a downhill @ wot.

the wirings all check out fine, no bad grounds. the bulbs i suspect. i think the tomos outputs a higher wattage than the bulb can handle it's an upgraded a3 to a 70cc a35. 12v 25w bulb not enough?

even ran a meter. no big variance in voltage or amperage.

Re: who has had a regulator fail?

They can fail and then you are in the dark but if you keep blowing bulbs you are anyway, here are two Treats has more to pick from. This is for 12v systems:https://www.treatland.tv/universal-moped-voltage-regulator-p/moped-voltage-regulator.htm This is for 6v systems https://www.treatland.tv/6-volt-voltage-regulator-p/6v-voltage-regulator.htm If your voltage is right on the bulb, 12v to match your light coil, 12v, your coil cannot produce more watts than the bulb can handle. Now if at high rpms the voltage goes up that is what will blow a bulb. your brake light may run off the spark coil going from the stator that's why it seems different. (edited)

Re: who has had a regulator fail?

Stephanie Rose /

I replaced my regulator and I haven't blown a bulb since

Re: who has had a regulator fail?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

with the extra halogen it seems stable enough, i think it is the bulbs.

the a35's i had, had that square headlight w/ hi lo function i think they are 50 w.

thanks for the replies i will run the dual setup till it fails. it is really cool to have a bi level headlight, main points fwd straight ahead for visbility and the halogen lights up the ground in front.,

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