6 volt headlight upgrade

Would this work to increase the brightness without upgrading to a 12 volt system?


Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

Its to big and I have never seen a 6v halogen automotive light. 7 inch you probably need 5 3/4 inch. https://www.treatland.tv/6-volt-light-bulb-p/light-bulb-6v-25-fslash-25w-ba20d.htm (edited)

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

Ill have to measure the housing but the concept seems sound Im gonna try it but I thought I would ask cuz I couldn't find anything in the search. Ive got a vespa and I found a 12v coil conversion for all the other bikes but not the vespa and Im afraid to go to deep into the electrical stuff cuz im not good with that stuff

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

Is your ign coil 12v? you might get another one and swap it with the 6v coil. I still think that's a 55w 12v halogen light.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

Ok I've got a six volt vespa as well as 12 v bikes. Is the headlight dim?? Consider the wiring from the stator to the headlight. The stuff is forty five years old ; insulation and wires get frayed. Esp the wires that pass under the engine. Consider starting to examine all the wires and replace. Getting the right 18 stranded copper wire , connectors etc is a project. And yea that isn't even considering the condition of the light coil on the stator.

But basically the 6 v verspa cev isn't that much worse than 12 v stock on other bikes.

Fix that stuff up before ya go crazy trying to make something different.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

I have some of those 6V 50/55 watt H4s in my 1981 Trabant 601. It was the last car at the time to have a 6 volt electrical system. Finally went to 12 volts around 1984.

Like you I did not want to convert the whole car over to 12 volts just for the sake of 12V headlights. I do have a 6 to 12 volt converter for the radio, fuel guage, etc. but it doesn't have enough balls for the headlamps.

The car came with 40/45 watt R2 bulbs. I had to order some bulb adapters from a guy selling motorcycle parts off Ebay in the UK so that the H4s would fit the R2 housings.

The H4s do work better. But the R2 housings do not have reflectors that cover the bulbs and reflect light back to the reflector since the R2s are incandescents. I really need some actual H4 housings but the US DOT lamps will not fit the buckets on car. Same size, it's just the slots are different in the housings.

Does your use R2 bulbs?

Some old bikes use R2 bulbs. If so you'll need the adapters so they will fit the original housings.

Also keep in mind, try to figure out what the electrical system is capable of. I know with my Tomos's it's 70 watts. Don't try to run a higher wattage bulb than the electrical system is capable of producing. I don't know if it would fry the magneto or just cause the engine to cut out.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade


use with an 1156 bulb, as that is a 6v bulb and is pretty bright with the headlight.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

You can buy that at a tractor supply place.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

i believe you can buy a similar light, but the mount for a tractor is a single post out the bottom, versus the 2 side bolts for the moped light...

i haven't looked lately at a tractor supply, so i may be wrong if their inventory has changed... (edited)

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

I was talking about the insides of the light assembly , it might fit in the mopeds light shell.

Re: 6 volt headlight upgrade

I currently have a 6 volt and the light gets bright but more light would be better

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