1977 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

Benjamin White /

I have just obtained my 1977 or maybe 1978 califfo Deluxe, however it does not run. The compression is good, I just bought a new coil and spark plug, I also fully cleaned that tank and carbs. however I am not getting spark. I checked voltage, and off my magneto I am generating roughly 1 volt. Is that good? Do i need a battery? Can anyone help me figure out what the problem may be? Also, is this a 4 or 2 stroke?

Re: 1977 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

You don't need a battery.


You probably need to clean the points...see Fred's Guide for how to clean the points, and other troubleshooting info & tips:


Re: 1977 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

Re: 1977 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

Brent Bublitz /

Let me know if you need any more info, I have two of these.

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