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Hi! I am new to this site. I just bought a 2005 Kinetic TFR. It has no turn signals and I would look to install some. I have all the original paperwork with wiring diagram. I'm having a terrible time finding parts for this moped. I just bid on one front and one rear kinetic turn signal on ebay...now I need two more. Any suggestions on where to look? ...or suggestions on compatible signals? I figure I could just turn around and sell the TFR ones if I find something better. Thanks!

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Hi, any 12-volt signals/lights will work, but they will not flash at the same rate if they don't provide the same resistance to the flasher, LED signals especially. This is easily resolved, however, with a $5 electronic flasher from the auto parts store (or a thermal one rated for the right wattage bulbs). Any three-wire unit should work, though they come in different formats (usually without the pigtail) so You might have to replace the connector style (also available for a few bux at the auto parts store) or just crimp on some female spade connectors.



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I thought all mopeds sold in the United States past 1982 (well early 1980s) had to have signal lights to be considered street legal. My 1996 Kinetic TFR has factory signal lights.

Originally I was converting my Tomos TX50 to a street bike and bought a bunch of parts to make it street legal but gave up on it and bought this Kinetic instead.

You can get one of those combo handlebar mounted switches which should fit the Kinetic handlebars:


Some turn signal lights:


Get one of these flasher units from any autopart stores:

Wire it between power wire coming off the magneto and the wire going to the L/R switch and your good to do. Less than $20 in the whole setup. Just don't try to run LED bulbs in your turn signals or they won't work. The fasher module has to have a load of at least a couple of amps before it will work. LED bulbs don't pull enough amps to create enough of a load.

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You need to mount them to your moped these work great for a lot of things. Tighten them up and cut off the extra. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Raco-3-4-in-1-Conduit-Hanger-with-Bolt-5-Pack-2053B5/203671724?N=5yc1vZbohkZ1z115w7Z1z117rg

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Actually, I think I still have my original signals somewhere, can dig em up if you want.



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