Vespa Ciao SC crank


New to the forum and I've tried searching for this problem but it seems to be too specific.

My old Ciao SC has an unusual crankset (I hope it's called), the axle between the pedals. I've searched alot and found pictures and spares but it doesn't look at all the same as mine.

My axle is fastened in the frame by attaching the pedals. Around this axle is a "tube" and on this tube the chainring. Of course, when I turn the pedals, the chainring should spin too, but it doesn't?

Does anyone know what is missing and should lock the "tube" with the chainring and the axle with the pedals together?




Re: Vespa Ciao SC crank

my curiosity is up... please post pictures of everything from both sides for better understanding of what is going on

Re: Vespa Ciao SC crank

Charlie Mccharles /

go to treats and look up the puch pedal arms/axle. my og ciao one broke so im using puch pedal crank setup. im assuming yours is similar.

p.s. on mine the chainring is welded to the tube but the pedal arms are held on with d-shaped screws/lock pins and there are flat sections at the tube ends that these pins lock against to hold the pedal arms to the tube/pedal shaft.

hope this helps!

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