Lost a spoke and the hub cracked

I broke a spoke and it cracked a peice of my hub off and now it does what I call a death wobble. Is there anyway to fix it? It is nearly impossible to find a hub for my 1995 jawa babetta210 but I found a 1980s jawa babetta 210 wheel that looks the same if not a little smaller sprocket size on the right side, should I just do some custom work? Is there anyway to save my rear rim and hub?

Re: Lost a spoke and the hub cracked

Patrick Keaton /

How fast do you have to go before the death wobble starts ? Here's 1 from ebay.

eBay Jawa Rear Wheel

Re: Lost a spoke and the hub cracked

It starts early, at about 20 miles an hour but once I get it over 30 the wobbling gets bad to the point where it feels like it's trying to throw me off, like the rim is bent. I bought a 1980s jawa babetta wheel for 28 bucks but the right side sprocket is smaller, so I might have to jerry rig the old sprocket on. Since the sprocket is smaller on the right chain side if the teeth match up do you think the top speed might be faster?

Re: Lost a spoke and the hub cracked


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