Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

I feel like I am missing something simple which has made this much more frustrating that it should be. I am trying to put the chain back on the the sprocket (it was a year or two since I removed it - long story) and I can't seem to get it on at all. It's like the space between the sprocket and the engine body is to narrow for the chain to get onto it. Do I need to remove the sprocket to get it on?

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Remove the master link, feed the chain around the sprocket and put the master link back in.

Re: Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

That was my first thought, but there is no master link on this chain. There is one link that that is different, but it is not a master link, it just has different rivets - almost like someone mushroomed them down.


Re: Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

Patrick Keaton /

As long as you can get the chain on the drive sprocket of the engine,you should be able to get it on the back sprocket by loosening both nuts of the rear wheel and adjusting the chain tensioners to allow the most slack or removing the chain tensioners,if possible,to mount the chain,then put the chain tensioners back on.

Are you sure you have a drive chain and not a pedal chain ?

Re: Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

I'm sorry, I should have been more clear - this is the drive sprocket that I have having trouble getting it over. Yes, it is the correct chain, pedal chain is already on - that one had a master link and made life much easier.

Re: Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

Ok, I got it! remember kids, there is nothing that you can't accomplish with the proper application of angles and lubricants.

Re: Putting Chain Back on Sachs 504 1A

Taking off the drive sprocket is easy putting it back on with the chain on it not so much. Here's what you needhttps://www.treatland.tv/415-master-link-p/master-link-415.htm

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